T e r v e t u l o a  l a s i n  k i e h t o v a a n m a a i l m a a n


Lynda Addisonin töitä / Lynda Addison´s works

I have always enjoyed looking at glass, and in Finland I took the opportunity to transform myself into a glass artist.
I studied and worked with glass on courses at Helsinki University of Art and Design's Open University programs, in glass workshops, and with other artists.
My designs are contemporary and unique, using many different techniques.  The variety in my work reflects this.  I also make mixed media pieces, using my own photographs and monoprints.
 My glass is often bought for a special occasion, or as a gift.  It is for sale through Studio E, and at my exhibitions.  

I am an active member of the Contemporary Glass Society U.K.,  Helsinki International Artists Association,  and Tiffans Ry